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External Machine Dimension 2700×1300×1700mm (L×W×H)(The height does not include of the exhaust system of the machine
Power 3 phase 415V 50Hz±10%,3 phase and 5 line system
Capacity Under Cold Condition 30kw; Under Hot Condition ≤15kw。
Applicable processing parts External Diameter ≤∮58mm,Series Wound motor Rotor with Shaft Length of ≤250mm, Rotor with External Diameter≥∮58mm can be Load on with Interval Way.
Work Part Fixture By Adopt of Drill Chuck with Diameter of ∮13mm.
Program control Control by PLC, Color Touch Screen is employed to communicate with PLC, through this touch screen, machine cycle time and varnish trickling time can be modified, also equipment working status can be viewed here, as well as alarm messages. The touch screen has a function of password protection, irrelevant person will not be able to modify the parameters of process.
Adjust Range 0-999 seconds.(Program time and varnish trickling time is adjustable)
Heating method Heating in Preheating and Gelling zone adopts of hot air circulation way, In Curing Zone, Heating Adopts of Radiation way, the oven chamber wall is made of Galvanized Panel, heating Tubes in Curing zone is adopt of fin type Heating Tubes.
Temperature Temperature control zone are divided into Preheating zone, Gelling zone and Curing zone. Temperature in each zone are contestable and adjustable, the adjusting range is from room temperature to 160℃,temperature deviation in main working zone will be:±8℃。
Varnish trickling pump By Adopt of Peristaltic pump, there are totally 2 varnish trickling pumps on the machine, Each pumps rotation speed and trickling time are Controllable and Adjustable individually.
Self Rotate Rotors will start self rotate in the end of preheating zone when it is coming out of this zone, and it will stop rotate at the end of the curing zone, the self rotate speed is controlled by frequency converter, adjusting range will be:15-40rpm。
Total Work Positions Total work positions are 80*2: among which, 14*2work positions in preheating zone,8*2 for varnish trickling zone; 16*2 work positions for gelling zone,30*2 for curing zone and 12*2 for work part load/unload zone.
Parts Processed Numbers of parts processed in each work position: 2 pieces, one left and one right side( It can be controlled by circulate, shaft numbers can be set within 1-3 for the chain moving forward ).
Productivity It will varies by according to the cycle time, when the cycle time is set as 90 seconds, the productivity will be 80 peaces an hour.
Lubrication Pump The machine is equipped with automatic lubrication Pump, it doses timely to feed lubricant to the revolving chain, self rotate chain, bushes and etc with high temperature resistant oil.
Machine color Green
Productivity It will varies by according to the cycle time, when the cycle time is set as 90 seconds, the productivity will be 80 peaces an hour.
Free Parts Provided 3 Heating Tubes,2 kg Nylon tubes, 1 kg of Silicon Varnish Transfusion Tubes.

Main Electric Components Brand and Manufacturer

Temperature Controller OMRON
Touch Screen Kunlon Tongtai.
AC Compact Siemens
Circuit Breaker Siemens
Middle Relay OMRON
Frequency Converter Bosch Rexroth
Temperature controller OMRON
Motor Anhui Nanhua/td>
Press Button Schneider
Proximit Switch Autonix
Reduction Motor Jiaho
Heating Tubes Wuxi Sany.