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Hi-Speed 16 Spindle Metal Braiding Machine

Hi Speed 16 Spindle Metal Braiding Machine Hi Speed 16 Spindle Metal Braiding Machine

Hi-Speed 16 Spindle Metal Braiding Machine

Product Description

This machine adopts advanced programmable and frequency Conversion control technology, microcomputer, and has the characteristics of stepless speed regulation, high-speed knitting, full fault display, low noise, high reliability, high precision, and high strength. Using a specific weaving method, the spindle has an automatic tension control mechanism, adjustable tension, and has an automatic lubrication system and a safety silencing shield. This machine can not only braid copper wire, but also other metal wires such as aluminum-magnesium alloy wire and stainless-steel wire. The spindle volume of this braiding machine is the largest among all braiding machines.

Technical Specifications:

Model TM-16S
Braiding Form 2 Stacks of 2 (one over other)
Braiding Direction Vertical
Number of Bobbin 16
Machine Speed 0-150 rpm (normal production speed is about 80%-90% of the maximum speed)
Braided wire material Aluminum magnesium alloy wire, Copper Wire, Stainless Steel Wire.
Max Braiding Outer Diameter 16 mm
Bobbin Size (Capacity) ф75×ф22×71×100 (Outer diameter×Barrel diameter ×Inner width×Outer width
Pitch range 3.2~65mm
Pitch adjustment model Gear adjustment with full set of pitch gears
Traction model Wheel Traction
Main Motor Power 1.5Kw
Lubrication method Oil Pump Automatic Oil filling lubrication
Payoff / Take-up spool size 500 to 800 mm
Protection cover Sealed box type protective cover, front and rear doors can be opened
Control Using the special computer controller of sanp knitting machine and delta 1.5KW frequency converter, it can automatically set the rotation speed, automatically count the meter, automatically inject oil, and automatically alarm for wire breaking, cable breaking, tape breaking, oil shortage, etc.
Noise ≤85dB
Machine Size 1500×1300×2100 (mm)(L×W×H)
Weight Approx. 900Kg