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Bunching Machine


Product Description

High-Speed Double Twist Bunchers & High-Speed Bunchers.


  • Single copper diameter range:φ0.05 φ0.28mm
  • Stranding sectional area: φ0.035 φ0.45mm²
  • Take-up bobbin size:φ300mm, total width:210, the inner hole size is up to customer’s bobbin.
  • Max rotating of the stranding bow:3000RPM
  • Stranding suitable for stranding more than 7 pieces of copper wire, tinned or silvered wire, and vanished wire.
  • Travers: we use φ15 polish rod traverse unit to traverse, the traverse extent and distance are adjustable.
  • Stranding distance: 4.36 17mm.
  • The Motor of the stranded main machine: 4KW Siemens motor and 4KW American Emerson convertor.
  • Copper loading capacity: 60Kg
  • Stranding direction: free.
  • Brake: electromagnetic brake, automatic stops when the wire broke in or out the machine or set meter is full.
  • Lifting: Taiwan imported hydraulic machine.
  • Japan imported NSK main drive bearing.
  • Japan imported a synchronous belt.
  • Protection: Automatic stop when the wire is broken or reached set meter length.
  • Safety protection: if the lifting is not ready, none of the doors can be opened could start.
  • Colour: grass green.
  • High rotating speed, good stability.
  • Latest wire put through the system be used. The lead wire is connected to the bow from guide wheel of the main axis directly, which avoid the scratch or wire slipping may be caused by the malfunction of the aluminium wheel corner.
  • Lubrication of the main axis: thin oil. Natural circling cooling to lengthen the life of the machine.
  • Plenty safety protection, if each start door contactor are not ready, the machine could not be started or an automatic brake.
  • The main axis and the aluminium wheel been treated with high-speed dynamic balance, which makes the noise under 80 decibel.
  • Advanced control method has been adopted: working program-controlled by program controller and transducer. Relative indicator lights monitor the working position of every door could be opened and closed, wire broken, oil degree of the main axis.
  • Japan imported high-speed spring steel.
  • Sizes of the Machine : Length/width/height:1840MM X 980MM X 1000MM
Tools: one toolbox, one pair of the grease gun, one pair of scissors, one suit of inner hexagon spanner, one piece of grease. One suit gear, four shock-proof rubber mats, one piece of flat belt.