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Coil Inserting Machine

Stator Testing Machine

Product Overview

The product is mainly applicable to all types of single/three-phase, DC brushless motor stator off-line/online quality testing. A clamping, a station to complete the pressure, insulation, turn to turn, coil resistance, anti-embedded, steering and other items of detection. The product has high precision, fast test, strong adaptability, simple operation, modular design, intelligent design, easy maintenance, rich interface and so on.

Product Features

  • Industry-leading precision 4s speed test intelligent self-test fault repair system adaptability
  • High precision. All the performance indicators in the industry-leading level.
  • Test fast Single-speed single-phase asynchronous motor six tests completed within 4s. Resistance, turn between the individual 0.1s or so. A set of six reverse test time is less than 0.7s.
  • High-speed precision test
  • Strong adaptability. Turn-to-turn test supports interchanging test of 10uH or more coils, supporting almost all types of motors. Turn-to-turn test with voltage feedback, the impact to the coil voltage for the set voltage.
  • Simple operation. Linux system, touch screen input, similar to the operation of smartphones. All features interface comes with help documentation
  • Modular design. All features modular split, all modular board design, all boards are easy to install. Full electrical isolation between boards. The factory has been the tester for hardware upgrades, functional expansion, product maintenance and other simple and convenient operation.
  • Intelligent design. The product embedded self-test function to support the automatic detection of the status of each module
  • Easy to maintain. Products support intelligent self-test, remote fault diagnosis and online software upgrades. Each module plug-in design, remove the two screws can replace the function module
  • Rich Interface. The Instrument comes with USB, LAN, 232,485, Can and other interfaces to facilitate the control and expansion of the instrument.