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HSIIDC Kundli Sonipat HR-131028 (India)





First Shaping Machine

First Shaping Machine TM-100A


Model : TM-100A

  • Adapt to the Stator Diameter ≤ φ160mm
  • Adapt to the Stator Diameter Φ30 ~ Φ110mm
  • Stack Thickness Range of 20 ~ 150mm
  • Line Bag Height ≤ 45mm
  • Replacement Mold Time: ≈ 0.5 hours
  • Random Distribution of Wearing Parts: Guide film 3
  • Industrial PLC: Taiwan Delta
  • Servo System: Taiwan Delta
  • Pneumatic Components: Taiwan
  • Sensor Components: AUTONICS
  • Other Components: SCHNEIDER, TEND, IDEC
  • Power Supply 220V 50 / 60Hz 3w
  • Weight ≈800Kg
  • Use of tooth protection, to ensure that the slot insulation and the distance between the coil and the stator
  • Full servo system, industrial PLC design; with man-machine interface
  • Use three cylinders with a servo motor work to achieve the coil outsourcing, the rise, the end of pressure molding
  • Meet the production beat ≤ 13S / Taiwan (not including loading and unloading)
  • Disposable copper wire pass rate ≥ 98.5%, after passing the qualified rate ≥ 99.5%
  • In the replacement of different thicker stator, just change the man-machine interface inside the servo parameters can be achieved
  • Can make the end and inside and outside diameter size is basically close to the final shaping of the stator size, but not as the final shaping size, easy to banding
  • Slot insulation, groove wedge shall not be damaged and flip, the core may not have caused by the deformation of the deformation or Alice teeth, no paint phenomenon
  • Use of safety grating protection agencies, standing operation, using both hands to start the button