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Vertical Injection Insert Molding Machine TM-25 Ton


Vertical Injection Insert Molding Machine TM-25 Ton

Product Description

Model: TM- 25-Ton Vertical injection Insert Molding machine


Injection Unit

Model TM-25 ton

Screw Diameter mm 26-30
Injection Pressure kgf/cm2 1677-1260
Injection Capacity cm3 55-74
Injection Weight gr 63-85
oz 2. 2-3. 0  
Injection Rate cc/s 42-57
Screw Speed RPM 0-150
Screw Stroke mm 120
Nozzle Stroke mm 150
Nozzle Contact Force tf 2.4

Clamping Unit

Clamping System--Hydraulic
Clamping Forceft25
Clamping Strikemm215
Max Mould Spacemm335
Min Mould Heightmm145
Overall Size Of Platens(hxv)mm540x290
Space Between Columns(hxv)mm400x150
Hydraulic Ejector Forceft0.7
Ejector Strokemm28