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Vertical Injection Molding Machine TM-45-Ton

Vertical Injection Molding  Machine TM 25 Ton

Vertical Injection Molding Machine TM-45 Ton

Product Description

Model: TM- 45 Ton Vertical Injection Insert Molding Machine


Injection Unit

Screw Diameter mm 32-36
Injection Pressure kgf/cm2 1785-2376
Injection Capacity cm3 110-132
Injection Weight gr 100-140
oz 3.8-4.5
Injection Rate cc/s 58-68
Screw Speed RPM 0-150
Screw Stroke mm 120
Nozzle Stroke mm 200
Nozzle Contact Force tf 2.8

Clamping Unit

Clamping System -- Hydraulic
Clamping Force FT 45
Clamping Stroke mm 215
Max Mold Space mm 385
Min Mold Height mm 170
Overall Size Of Platens(HXV) mm 600x400
Space Between Columns(HXV) mm 400x240
Hydraulic Ejector Force FT 1.7
Ejector Stroke