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Commutator Winding Machine Commutator Winding Machine

Rotor/Armature Winding Machine


Model: TM-609


  • This equipment adopts PLC control system. Stable performance, easy debugging simple function.
  • The device uses a man-machine touch system, parameter input and modification is very convenient, simple and quick debugging.
  • This parameter is very convenient to set up and modify the equipment, can store 100 varieties, user-friendly parameters of different storage and call.
  • The device uses an aluminium alloy structure, equipment, beautiful and beautiful.
  • The device positioning system using automatic positioning, the user can set the angle of positioning, unlike the mechanical positioning of the old tighten the screw how cumbersome.
  • Winding method of choice is very convenient, with a variety of special around the law for users to use.
  • The equipment on the thread line tail with automatic pull off function, so that the rotor thread line tail shorter, more than the ordinary double fork line.

Specifications :

Equipment Weight 500kg
Dimension 1500mmX800mmX1350mm
Rotor Diameter 20mm-60mm
Diameter 0.09-0.29 mm
Rotor Shaft Diameter 175mm-9mm
Number of Rotor Slots 3-36 slots
Rotor Maximum Shaft Length Angle Axis Length ≤ 60mm
Equipment Work Power AC220V / 5KA 50 / 60Hz