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HSIIDC Kundli Sonipat HR-131028 (India)




Fully Auto Wire Cut Strip and Crimping Machine

Fully Auto Wire Cut Strip Crimping Machine

Fully Auto Wire Cut Strip and Crimping Machine

Product Description



This machine has fed, Cutting, stripping and crimping. All functions and features as below:

  1. Wide range of application
  2. Mainly use for crimping PH.XH, EH, ZH etc. Colourful communication ribbon wire terminal and SCN, SM, VH etc. Strip-type connector ribbon wire terminal
  3. Save cost Feed wire from the front side, production comes out from backside, all process is fully automatic can save a lot produce cost
  4. Good stability Use eccentric shaft and cam for crimping the production is perfect and high quality.
  5. High precision Stepping motor control cutting and split strip length precision can be 0.1mm
  6. Variety crimping way Can change both heads terminal crimping direction can crimp one side or both side or can leave some pcs to crimp
  7. High efficiency can crimp 18000 PCS/H (MAX), the Machine can work 24hrs
  8. Easy operate Touch screen easy to change the crimping applicator

Technical Specification

Wire cutting, single side stripping, both sides stripping, single side crimping, single side twisting

Model TM-S04
Voltage AC220V/50/60HZ single-phase
Power 3300W
Air Pressure 0.4MPa-0.6MPa
Rated Current 15A
Cutting Length 72mm-9999mm
Cutting Precision ±0.5mm
Striping Length 2mm-10mm
Max Ribbon Wire Width 28mm
Max Ribbon Wire Pin 20P
Per Wire Width 0.8mm-2.5mm
Processing Capacity 18000PCS/H,(Max,20P)
Measurement 800W*600L*1300H(mm)
Weight Approximately 527kg